When a wolf appears, much resonates that never becomes obvious. It's elusive, mostly concealed. And when it reveals itself for a few moments, the encounters are electrifying and unforgettable.

Each image has been crafted as a unique piece since 2017, becoming a symbol of the irretrievable nature of this intense moment. The rusty and liquefied steel plates additionally underscore the power of the wolves. A special process causes the image and the carrier medium to "fuse into each other." This interplay with partly unpredictable elements creates an unreproducible masterpiece that evolves in appearance over time. Insights into the effect of the images are provided by the following quotes from some image owners.

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Photo Art Unikate: Mythos Wolf
Photo Art Unikate: Homeland
Photo Art Unikate: Soul of the Wolf
Photo Art Unikate: Lamar Canyon Wolves
Photo Art Unikate: Togetherness
Photo Art Unikate: Strength and Passion
Photo Art Unikate: Three Dogs
Drawings: Wolf