• Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Blizzard. An opaque wall of fog envelops the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The light is harsh. Suddenly, a howl rings out. Bright, polyphonic melodies. It sounds so close, as if the wolves were right in front of me. I can't tell you how many there are. And then, for a few short moments, the fog is thinning, revealing just two mighty wolves.

Wolves inspire me – from my first encounter until today – to experience anew. I aim to appreciate everything. The most subtle signs can be important. When a wolf crosses the landscape at a run I have just a few seconds. Everything happens very fast. I have to take each situation as it comes. But most of the time I am waiting.

Experience wolves

Wolves live in a passionate, intense world that can take sudden unpredictable turns. Dealing with this unpredictability and the deep involvement in the here and now, make wolves particularly perceptive and social beings. I have been observing wild wolves for years, presenting snapshots of their lives through photography and diary entries. These insights also form the essence of my exhibitions and lectures: journeys into a mysterious world that can provide inspiration for our own crucial life questions.

Photos as a unique specimen

To me Wolves are strong and free beings. I aim to express that quality in my art. Their power of wolf is emphasized by liquefied steel, while advancing rust symbolises transience. The rust merges with the motif to form a new, non-repeatable complete work. The picture breathes, remains alive and changes its appearance over time. Each photo is made as a unique specimen. Each motif is also utilised only once and thus becomes a symbol for the irretrievability of each rare encounter.