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WOLFKODEX - Let Wolves inspire your life

Wolves live in an environment that forgives nothing. With rivers and mountains that change every day. With dangers and uncertainty about when they will eat next. Yet whenever a wolf appears, it exudes alertness and motivation with a presence that few can resist. But what gives wolves this confidence, this seemingly innate knowledge that they will ultimately succeed? One of their secrets lies in play.

Years of observation have led to the creation of the WOLF CODEX. Images and observations depict the Lamar pack in Yellowstone National Park facing their daily challenges. With their adaptability and relentless perseverance, wolves take on tasks that are often larger than themselves.

Much of their lives unfold in secrecy. But when wolves suddenly appear, they astonish with unpredictable behaviors. Each wolf, whether alpha or yearling, writes its own story.

"Let Wolves inspire your life" can be booked as a lecture or as an art event.
The 10 commandments of a wolf's life have now also been published as a book: WOLFKODEX
Feel free to contact me for more information: jana.malin@mythoswolf.com