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My journey began with the development of innovative communication models in collaboration with exciting companies and scientific institutions. In parallel, I pursued my passions for photography and painting until I encountered a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. This impressive encounter changed my life and led me to photograph and document the lives of wild wolves, particularly the Lamar wolves. From my observations, coherent life stories of now familiar personalities have emerged, which I capture in my images and express in events with films and narratives.

Each of my pictures is a unique piece printed on rusty steel plates. The fusion of image and weathered support material symbolizes the unity of modernity and wilderness.

To further deepen the connection between the modern world and wild nature, I founded the "Wolf Salon." In these interactive salons, I offer a platform for exchanging ideas about the fascinating world of wolves and their significance for our own lives. Here, art, science, and technology intersect to open new perspectives, develop leadership qualities, enrich our lives, and foster a deep understanding of the natural world.

My works and initiatives are intended to invite people to pause and recognize the natural beauty and wisdom that surrounds us. The connection between the modern world and wild nature can incredibly enrich our lives and foster an understanding of our environment.

What heartfelt goals do you want to achieve? How do you want to deepen your collaborations and enrich your environment? I look forward to hearing from you.

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